Design Ideas: Make it Simple

We love to see all the projects that come our way from talented designers and lay people alike. We notice three key elements that successful designers use to make their projects shine and they all involve simplifying the information.


Group Your Information

If you are working on a flyer or poster, make sure to put like information together and be as brief as possible. If you can say it with less words, do that. We see how great it looks when the information is easy to find for the passing viewer. Know your audience!


Keep Your Images Simple

Will a less complex image work just as well as a photo or graphic that has many elements? If you think of what you want to convey and design as simply as you can, people will get what you are trying to communicate with ease.


Have Another Set of Eye Critique

We find it’s good to let another person review your work and decide if some editing should occur. Keep an open mind and your work will only get better.

We hope this helps with your next project. We are always glad to provide some advice to make your work spot on!

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