From thousands of flyers to a few birthday party invitations, business cards to oversized banners, let us put our network of resources to work for you! We’re located in the heart of downtown New Canaan, providing easy drop off, pick-up and consultations.

How we work

Take down the details

Call or email and we will guide you through the information we need to get your project started.

Start sourcing

With your specifications in hand, we connect with our team and our trusted print resources.

Provide an estimate

We provide to you a comprehensive estimate for review and discussion of options.

Get the job done

Once your job is ready to go, we follow the progress from initial order to product delivery.


Susan Griffith

Print Director, Loupe Ink

Once upon a time, Nurenu Brand Marketing llc saw the need for a small, versatile and flexible printing option to help out their clients – no matter what it was they needed printed. So Loupe Ink was born. We recruited Susan Griffith to bring her more than 30 years of print experience to direct Loupe Ink, our new print resource division. She uses her extensive knowledge of print production to guide clients in transforming their concepts into beautiful, professionally finished products. As a personal print partner, Susan will coordinate each project with the most appropriate resource – from business cards to large banners, promotional items and much more – to complete each custom print order in the most efficient and cost effective manner, with personal care and attention to every detail along the way.


BJ Flagg


With over 25 years of marketing and communications experience, BJ Flagg is no stranger to print! As Nurenu Brand Marketing’s founder and Director of Account Services, BJ pursues marketing and business best practices to ensure that Nurenu’s brand marketing solutions make measurable differences. When the opportunity to spin off Nurenu’s printing source solutions, she jumped at the chance to work with Susan to form Loupe Ink. ‘We feel our community needed seasoned printing professionals that can really help each person and business get their printing needs taken care of locally.” Whether it is a small job or a big, we treat each customer with the same skills and detail. That’s the Loupe Ink way!


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